John Blaq sextape leaks proving he has ‘obubadi’ as he chews Sumbie with shades on and chains

Singer Kasadha John, commonly known as John Blaqis in hiding as he anticipates to release of his new music video, a new tape/video clip showing “Him” chewing Sumbie with sunglasses on has left many shocked and wondering about his bubadi.

Even though the man seen in the newly leaked video clip is not proven to be John Blaq the singer, clearly the two look alike whether he is truly the one, or just a look-alike, his fans have not let him breathe at all.

Through this leaked video, John Blaq is seen chewing a yet-to-be-identified babe slow but sure, taking his time with shades and chains on.

However, his work is so lacking that the girl is mute and the singer can’t do anything about it.  In fact, he is a one-minute man as he is seen already panting in the video even before reaching anywhere.

Watch the video here 

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