I’ve Been Sleeping With My Best Friend’s Husband For 2 Years Now And She Doesn’t Know – Lady Confesses

A heartless woman has turned to Facebook to disclose that she has been sleeping with her best friend’s husband in secret for the past two years.

The lady revealed that her oblivious closest friend, who has no idea what’s going on, always informs her about the problems in her marriage.

The friend’s situation was so severe that she had to beg her for 1000 cedis to buy food. The callous lady went to her friend’s husband for 2000 cedis and then loaned 1000 cedis to her friend, who paid it back after a month.

However, the present issue is that the lady is expecting a child with her friend’s husband, and she is fed up with keeping the pregnancy a secret.

She’s looking for advice on how to break the news to her buddy without shattering her heart on social media.


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