It took 3 years to put together my G.I.N.A. album – Amerado

It took 3 years to put together my G.I.N.A. album – Amerado

Amerado, Ghanaian rapper has revealed that his new album, G.I.N.A., took nearly three years to complete (God Is Never Asleep).

The rapper discussed the importance of the album to him and how it is dedicated to his mother in an interview with Prime Morning on Friday.

“It’s been almost 3 years now since I started putting together the album. I did over 50 songs but selected 10 for the album.”

He added that “it talks about my struggles, my hustle, and to honor my mom before she’s late. My mom is called Gina, and I want to tell people how I love my mom and how I’m connected to God. I did most of the songs on the album to honor God and appreciate my mom.”

He also indicated that his mother lost faith in his music career, thinking he would become a drug addict.

Amerado claims that one of his main goals in life has always been to make his mother proud by recording an album.

“My mom didn’t really believe in me when I started doing music. She thought I would become a ‘raster’ and be going about smoking, drinking, and all that, and I told her that I’m going to prove her wrong. Now she has this, and she’s very happy,” he said.

The rapper has self-assurance and thinks that rap requires more than just agreeing to interviews—it also requires being recorded.

He mentioned that responding to certain online criticisms cleared up some misunderstandings.

Amerado says that although the Ghanaian music business has improved, “we can do better.”



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