It Is Risky For A Married Female Artiste To Be Managed By Another Man

Piesie Esther

In a recent interview with Kastle FM, gospel singer Piesie Esther reignited the discussion over married women artists being managed by men other than their spouses.

Piesie Esther thinks it’s dangerous for a married female performer to have a male manager.

She claimed that because she understands that her spouse is her husband and that she solely answers to him, she feels secure having him as her boss.

“Because of my job schedule, which requires me to travel to the studio late at night to record, finding someone who understands the nature of my work is quite helpful,” she continued.

The singer said that she could work in the studio until 2 in the morning before returning home, a conduct that many married men find intolerable in their spouses.

Going up and down with a man in the middle of the night who is not your spouse might occasionally be perilous, but having your husband as your boss can assist in diffusing such situations. “After a performance, I occasionally need to switch to a different outfit, and I do so in the car with my husband present since I am aware that he is the one I am married to,” Piesie Esther remarked in the interview.



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