I’m Not A Celebrity, I’m Just A Young Lady On Tv

berla mundi

After learning that she has to pick up a taxi from the 37 Total filling station to the TV3 office at Kanda, a lot of her fans and followers are just wondering why a beautiful celebrity like Berla Mundi will be riding in a taxi when she should be having her own car to transport her to work.

As shocked as you are as a fan with the username @khation1, who doesn’t also get why the beautiful TV personality had to pick a taxi, you asked, “But the thing is, how is a celebrity like you picking taxi?”

Berla Mundi, seeing the guys’ comment on her taxi post, replied immediately, indicating that she is not a celebrity as people describe her, but just a young lady who appears on TV.

I’m not a celebrity sir. I’m just a young Ghanaian lady on TV who also picks taxis and used to pick trotro too, She said.



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