If E-levy doesn’t change our lives; we’ll deal with you ruthlessly– Prince David Osei warns Akufo Addo’s gov’t

Ghanaians, according to Prince David Osei, should wait to criticize the e-levy until they see how it is implemented.
The actor goes on to say that if the government fails to provide the necessary development, stabilize the economy, and increase the country’s GDP, there will be a problem.

“The reaction hasn’t been wonderful, people are groaning, I’m whining,” Prince David Osei, a New Patriotic Party (NPP) sympathizer, said. “All I’m saying is whatever tariffs and monies we collect, I just hope we put it to better use.”

He told Ameyaw Debrah, “Change people’s lives.”

Because the standard of living is the same, it shouldn’t just be about collecting taxes. Regardless of taxes… It’s not simple, because the world is in turmoil, and the global economy is in turmoil, so let’s look at the evidence.

“It can’t be yes or no,” Prince David Osei stated. “If we don’t see a swift rise in the quality of life, an improvement in the economy, the cedi stabilizing against other currencies, and a greater GDP, there will be a problem,” I said a few days ago. “I don’t know whether to answer yes or no.”

The Electronic Levy imposed by the government was mocked. The funds would be used for national development by the government.


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