I Wouldn’t Mind Sleeping With A Rich Man For Money


Actress Xandy Kamel stated that she is okay with sleeping with a married guy for money in an interview with popular Ghanaian blogger Zion Felix.

Zionfelix asked if she would mind dating a wealthy married man, given that money currently rules the world. She made mentioned how, due to his wealth, a particular woman had been having affairs with her husband while they were still together.

Although it’s not ideal for young women to sleep with married men, as stated by Xandy, we can’t blame them because the majority come from dysfunctional households.

Since they lack parents or other responsible adults to meet their fundamental requirements, they are forced to rely on men to live.

The actress discussed her charitable work and how she takes care of some unfortunate children during the same interview. Taking care of these kids is now Xandy’s sole responsibility, and she doesn’t accept payment from anyone for doing so.

Xandy Kamel, who was once made fun of for having a messy, public divorce from her husband, appears to have shifted her attention to her love.



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