I Will Sue Security Men Who Push My Fans Away At An Event

Mawuli Younggod
Mawuli Younggod

Ghanaian rapper Kayso Kelvin Mawuli, better known as Mawuli Younggod, has warned a security guard of pushing a fan away from reaching him on the stage at an event where he was billed to perform.

Things like this have happened numerous times where fans follow their favorite artists on stage, with some of the artists ignoring their fans while ebrace them on stage, and in the case of Mawuli Younggod, he revealed he doesn’t joke with his fans so no security at his event should try and stop his fans from recognizing him or else he will sue that security. 

Taking to Facebook, he said:

Somebody tell that security the next time he push a fan of mine like that I will sue him. There’s a way he could handle this and nobody will get hurt. Y’all know how much I love my fans and I don’t take them for granted. I’m pained I didn’t notice this happened in front of me !.. pls security don’t let this happen again I beg



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