I Was Not Paid To Campaign For NPP – Kalybos Discloses What Informed His Decision


Kalybos, a well-known comedian, has said he wasn’t paid to support the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

The comedic actor, Richard Asante, who was born, was one of the famous people that supported the government in Ghana.

In an interview with Giovani Caleb on 3FM, he explained what motivated him to run for the party.

He said that the party has established several policies that were beneficial to him personally.

“I went ahead to campaign for the NPP Party because of certain policies that helped me. You will understand if you pay school fees.

“Even when I had not given birth, I was being bombarded with fees every September from family. So the policy (Free SHS) were things I felt if this can help me, I would rather help it to sustain,” Kalybos revealed.

“No, I was not paid. I was going in for the policies. And it helped because, ever since that policy was implemented, now I could save money and enter it into different projects,” he added.

The comic actor further stated that he has not regretted his campaign for the NPP.

“No regret. That’s the thing with me. I didn’t put any career on the line. As I said, it was for a motive, and that’s what I wanted to see flourish. It didn’t dent any of my works.”

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