I Want To Live Forever Just Like Bob Marley


Wizkid, the renowned artist from Nigeria, claimed that the late, legendary singer Bob Marley is a major source of inspiration for him.

The Essence singer recently stated that, like Marley, he aims to “live forever” through his music by controlling his ego and doing “more love and less ego.”

When Wizkid saw the Bob Marley musical “Get Up, Stand Up,” he claimed it strengthened his desire to make sure he accomplished the second goal.

“I want to live a long time.” “Not literally, but I want everything I make to last forever,” he said.

Watching the Marley musical performance, according to Big Wiz, helped him to reconfirm his life goals.

“Yo, we’re seeing a Bob Marley play, and this man died decades ago,” he added.

“I had no idea he passed away at the age of 36.” He was extremely active when he was small. It only serves to reinforce what I already know; I must keep pushing this to new heights because I know they’ll probably write a play on me someday,” Wizkid said.



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