I Still Stand By My ‘Nana Toaso’ Phrase

Ghanaian rapper, Michael Owusu Addo professionally known as Sarkodie, who is most known for his usage of the catchphrase “Nana Toaso” in the song “Happy Day,” has now spoken out on why he hasn’t written a song for the current administration as he used to for the one before it.

Sarkodie stated in a 3Music Network interview that he is not inspired to write any new songs because the concerns he addressed in “Dumsor,” “Inflation,” and “Masses” during John Mahama’s presidency still exist today.

“I stand by what I stated that he [Nana Addo] should “toaso,” as I believe I directly benefited from free education and have the authority to declare I support it as this is directly related.

“These girls belong to my mother and have our support.” She would first call and request my assistance. “I’m not saying much, but the very fact that I’m not even hearing it—that it came from that source and that I was very clear about what I was endorsing—is significant,” he admitted.



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