I Now Seek Permission Before Using Pentecost Hymns For Song

In an interview with Paula Amma Broni on TalkTainment, Diana Asamoah outlined the rationale behind the Church of Pentecost Ghana’s and other churches’ directives for artists to get permission before including their hymns in recordings.

The well-known singer, who is famous for singing Pentecost hymns, claims that she was unaware of the necessity of consulting the church before consultation, but that necessity became clear after consultation.

I was previously unaware of the requirement to obtain approval from the Church of Pentecost. The church told us to go to them for the correct words after noticing that some musicians weren’t singing the songs correctly.

“The church realized how well-liked the songs I sing are among the general populace.” All other churches have currently advised musicians to request permission for the sake of peace due to copyright issues, according to Diana Asamoah.



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