“I know you are in better hands”- BBNaija’s Liquorose subtly shades Angel as she consoles Cross

Reality TV star, Liquorose has shown her love and support for housemate, Cross following the airing of his altercation with Angel Smith.

On the 9th episode of the reality show, Angel Smith and Cross Okonkwo were the centre of attention as they trashed out their issues.

Angel Smith who had a lot to unburden spoke out indepthly about how she gave her all for their relationship to work.

Though, Angel and Cross denied being in a relationship, the type of friendship they had was one of a kind.

Angel Smith revealed that Cross didn’t return the same energy she gave to him as she would cook for him, lend him money, took care of him when sick, book him spa, went to the mainland to visit him, performed several wifely duties, yet Cross didn’t do anything worthwhile for her, except from buying her a bracelet.

Unfortunately, Cross couldn’t express himself because of the deficiency he suffers from.

This made many to see him as an opportunist and at such he was dragged online.

Proving her loyalty to Cross, Liquorose reached out to him on Snapchat where he showered him with love.

She stated that she called him earlier to watch the reunion with him but unfortunately, he wasn’t available.

Liquorose said she was assured that he was in better hands.

“I called earlier today cause I wanted to watch the show with you but since you were in better hands. I just want to say : Cross you are amazing. You are intelligent. You are a good person. You are one of the best peoples in this world. Your innovative traits are unmatched. And you are more than enough. You don’t need words to express yourself, your soul does more than enough. You are who you say you are. And you are my bestfriend for life, I’m honored to know you and blessed to have you in my corner. Love you”.

Cross shared the message on his Instagram story and praised Liquorose for her thoughtfulness.

He called her the real MVP and also promised to love her for life.

“Woke up to this @liquor2rose ur the real MVP. This love na for life ooo. Can’t wait to show the world what we working on. Thank you for seeing me. Most people find it difficult to understand me. Love you”.

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