I Have Always Loved Music Than Any Other Thing


Talking about how he has invested in his craft to make him one of the most expensive and decent rappers to emerge from Afroca, Michael Owusu Addo, better known as Sarkodie, explained in an interview with 3 Network that he has loved music more than anything else in this world, which has always pushed him to invest more in his craft.

The rapper who talked about involving a lot of people in the creation of his music bragged about being one of the few rappers to properly dominate the afrobeat genre.

He said:

“Apart from me, you can’t look around and see a lot of rappers dominating Afrobeats in the world.” “I’ve always loved music more than anything else, so I put in a lot when it comes to creating content.” “I used to rely on my strength, but I now involve a lot of people when it comes to creating my music.”



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