I don’t mind sleeping with a married man for huge money – Xandy Kamel

xandy kamel
xandy kamel

Actress Xandy Kamel has stated that having an affair with a married man is acceptable if the man pays well enough.

In an interview with ZionFelix, the popular Ghanaian blogger stated that she has no problem dating a married man with a lot of money in today’s society.

She made a passing remark about how one woman was still married and relied on her husband for financial support.

Xandy believes that young women should not be sleeping with married men, but that we can’t really blame them because so many of them come from broken families.

As a result, they are generally dependent on males for their daily sustenance because they lack any other means of support.

In the same interview, the actress discussed the disadvantaged children she helps. Xandy’s foster responsibilities have turned into her full-time job, and she refuses to accept compensation from the government or the children’s parents.

Xandy Kamel, who was previously the target of jokes due to her public and contentious divorce, now appears to be the recipient of a great deal of love and support.

She stated that she had fostered approximately eight children, all of whom she now considers her own.

Though she hasn’t had any biological children, she claims her adoptive children are just as much hers as her biological children.



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