Hushpuppi Sentenced To 11 Years Imprisonment

Hushpuppi, the common name for Ramon Abass, the Nigerian socialite, was given an 11-year jail term. The fraudster who defrauded people of their hard-earned money in the United States, Qatar, and the United Kingdom was apprehended in a massive operational confrontation in Dubai in June 2020.

Ramon Abass received an 11-year sentence from the California United States Central District Court. Hushpuppi will reportedly serve nine years in prison before being deported back to Nigeria.
He expressed regret for putting his family members in disgrace and thanked the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for their diligence in bringing him to justice.

Hushpuppi’s sentence was postponed by Judge Otis Wright from September 19 until November 3.

The defendant’s application for a stay of judgment was first denied by the judge.

The United States Central District Court in California ultimately convicted him and sentenced him to 11 years in prison.

Hushpuppi Abbas, however, will serve nine years in jail because he previously served two years in the US after being apprehended in Dubai in 2020.



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