How Davido’s Son Died Has Been Revealed

It’s been cold out there on Nigeria’s social media as a lot of people are mourning with Davido and Chioma as they allegedly lost their only child, Ifeanyi, to a pool of water in Davido’s mansion at the Banana estates.

Some people have debunked the rumors claiming all stories about the death of the infant child should be brought down, but one, Dotor Penking, through his official twitter page, revealed how the three-year-old child died.

Taking to Twitter, Doctor Penking wrote:

This is the most difficult thing I’ve written this year. Davido and Chioma travelled for a family gathering in Ibadan. Ifeanyi was in the care of minders He wandered off to the pool where he drowned and remained inside water for a long time before his absence in the house was even noticed.

He was rushed to Evercare/Lagoon hospital where he was pronounced BID (Brought in Dead). What baffles me the most is how the domestic staff are so quick and bold to leak this information without waiting for his parents to do it first but couldn’t carry out the simple job of protecting that young blossoming flower, a job they are heavily paid way beyond minimum wage for. Some domestic staff can act as a tool for the enemies.

I hope they are all arrested and meted a befitting punishment .



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