How Are You Surviving? – Teacher Kwadwo Asks Ghanaians At Diaspora Claiming It’s Hard Out There

Teacher Kwadwo
Teacher Kwadwo

Over the years, we have seen videos of Ghanaians living in the diaspora claiming life is hard out there but still living there without making up their mind to return to the motherland anytime soon.

This is what popular Ghanaian socialite and YouTuber, Teacher Kwadwo, appears to be missing as he has taken to Facebook to ask Ghanaians living abroad how they survive the hardships they claim exist. 

Taking to Facebook, teacher Kwadwo wrote:

Let’s continue….

So the “GHANAIANS” in Abroad(UK,USA,GERMANY..) who keep making videos and telling others that “ABROAD IS HARD”,pls I want to ask something..

My question is that,if ABROAD is HARD and you are still there,how are you surviving through that “Hardship”?

Is it by magic? 🤷🏾‍♂️

And why do you think that you can survive in “Aburokyire hardship” but someone can’t?

You that cooking rice koraa was a problem for you when you were in Ghana you sey you dey fit survive through “Hardship”.


Why can’t u use those Ghanaians who have made it there as an example but always using those you claim are ”suffering”( suffering papa bɛn mpo.) there to *scare* others?

Be positive!


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