Hips Don’t Lie – Singer Becca Stirs Reactions As She Whines Hips In Tight Leggings In New Video

Ghanaian singer, Becca, got the internet talking after dropping a new video, shaking and whining her hips like Shakira in ‘hips don’t lie’.

Becca, looking stunning, was in a wig shop, possibly out shopping for some new addition to her hair collection.

She was dressed in a beautiful white top and tight leggings, showing off her curvaceous body parts.

Her ample bosom was drawing stares but what generated the most discussion online were her stunning and curvaceous hips.

Becca never turned to give fans a look at her bumbum but she shook her hips pretty vigorously as she danced to the song Cherish by Kool and the Gang.

The video stirred attention from fans who were impressed with what they saw.

“Is giving Stephanie Benson,” one netizen said of her moves.

Another described her as “Michelle Jackson,” – obviously, the sister of the late, great, Michael Jackson!

Watch Becca below…

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