GhHyper Blast Bloggers Jubilation Over Hajia4Real’s Arrest, Claims It’s False

GhHyper, the blogger of trending Mona Faiz Montrage, has blasted his fellow bloggers who were rushing to post about his artist after it was reported that Hajia4Real had been arrested in the United Kingdom. 

Gh Hyper wrote on social media:

 “They are always rushing to post news first when they don’t have any evidence to what they are reporting. The haters that jubilated, cut short your jubilation cos what you heard in the news about baby girl Mona4real is false. Presser out soon”

“To my 4realleans, make merry cos there’s no case, as for that showboy dier prison life condemn his brain so he jumps on anything for clout. What do you know about journalism showboy? We run the media space in GH. come to my school Mr man”.



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