Ghanaian Chief And His Son Allegedly Bonked Linda Osei and her Daughter – Juicy Gist Drops

It was a family affair, allegedly, when Tiktoker Linda Osei and her eldest daughter both gave themselves over to a chief and his son to bonk in Ghana.

Rival tiktoker, Samsonwaa, made the allegation in a video going viral on social media.

She claims that when Maa Linda was still in Ghana and married to her previous husband, she was unfaithful and slept with almost all her husband’s friends.

According to Samsonwaa, this was the real reason her husband left her and not because he was irresponsible as she claims.

In a shocking revelation, Samsonwaa claims Linda and her daughter were both food for a Ghanaian chief and his son, who chopped them together.

She alleges that currently, both father and son have passed away.

Samsonwaa wasn’t done – she called out Maa Linda for having issues with her own mother whom she’s apparently not on speaking terms.

Watch the video below:


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