Fans drags Afia Schwar to the gutters after Delay ‘punches’ her to Wontumi Radio job

Deloris Frimpong Manso, a media personality and the CEO of Delay Products, has joined Wontumi Radio.

Delay started working at Wontumi Radio as the host of ‘To Wo Twi Me’ from 3 to 6 p.m. every day on Monday, May 9th.

This comes after Delay reported that Chairman Wontumi of the NPP is putting pressure on her to work for him.

As the news spread, a video of Wontumi practically begging Delay not to reject his offer became viral.

Now that the contract has been finalized, the only question is whether Afia Schwarzenegger will also work for Wontumi.

This is because Afia recently shared a photo purporting to show her working at Wontumi Radio. She hasn’t begun her job there yet or stated anything about it.

Users on social media are apparently mocking her yet more for being a loser. Delay, according to them, has taken her job at Wontumi Radio.

We don’t know if Schwar will work for Wontumi or if she will decline because Delay has stolen the lead.

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