Dubai Porta Potty: Video of Rich Dubai man єχcretiŋg into Slay Queen’s mouth (WATCH)

Video of a Porta Potty in Dubai. Some girls appear to be willing to go to any length for the bag, no matter how nasty or degrading it may be.

The United Arab Emirates has emerged as the latest hideaway for wealthy men who take women there and perform sexual acts on them in exchange for money.

Tweeps are currently enraged and astounded by the lengths to which some women will go in order to obtain money. A video of the most revolting incident that has happened is now spreading.

A lady opens her mouth wide open in the frightening video called “Dubai Porta Potty.”

She is facing a man’s behind, and he immediately begins releasing himself by dropping the cretio into the girl’s mouth.

Those who are easily frightened should avoid watching the video, but those who are bold enough can do so here. Again, this is not for the faint of heart.

Although it has not been confirmed whether the video is from Dubai, the city has earned a reputation for the dehumanizing things rich men do to women there.

Wealthy guys offer women significant sums of money in exchange for odd services.

Watch the video HERE:


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