Doreen Kabareebe undresses live on camera to show off baby bump

City model, Doreen Kabareebe who recently relocated to USA has once again left internet users in a heated debate after posing with barely nothing on just to show off her baby bump to prove she was chewed without CD.

Securing her child”s future, Doreen Kabareebe recently got married in a court wedding and revealed the news to her followers through her social media and now she has made more bigger revelations of how she is pregnant.

Through a short video clip shared on her Twitter account on Sunday evening, Doreen almost beared it all while showing her baby bump.

“Some of your girlfriends be with fallen boobs at the age of 15. Pregnancy has got mine there at 32 and am loving the change”– she captioned her post.

Kabareebe who is heavy with child seems to have been at war with netizens since it was revealed that she was baking a bun in her oven.

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