Delay indirectly mocks Joyce Blessing following her marital problems [Video]

Deloris Frimpong-Manso, commonly known as Delay, a prominent media figure in Ghana, has come under fire for insulting Joyce Blessing in a recent interview with Piesie Esther.

Delay asked Piesie Esther during the interview if she could keep her marriage together after getting married in 2010.

Piesie Esther responded that she and her husband have a great lot of understanding, tolerance, and respect for one another in addition to God being her help.

Piesie Esther claimed that despite the fact that she interacts with a variety of people on a daily basis as part of her employment, neither she nor her spouse have ever treated the other with disrespect.

The longevity of the marriage and Piesie Esther’s response seemed to impress Delay. Because of how the pair behaved while they were on her set for an interview, the TV host said that she once foretold that a particular gospel musician’s marriage would end in divorce.

Delay maintained that her memory of events was not intended to offend the aforementioned gospel artist.

“A gospel artist came here for an interview and that caused complications,” Delay explained.

“Her husband threatened to hit me during the interview, and it was at that point that I realized the marriage was doomed. It didn’t, as I predicted. I’m not thrilled with what transpired in their marriage, but just saying.”

Although Delay did not name the female gospel artist or her spouse, there is speculation that she was referring to Joyce Blessing and her estranged husband Dave Joy.

Recall that Delay and Joyce Blessing had a little spat in 2018 after the singer accused her of asking her improper questions and even insulting her spouse on her program.

Joyce Blessing stormed various venues after that occurrence to tell her side of the story, claiming that the interview was doctored.

Watch the interview below;


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