Dede Ayew Will Be The First African to Lift The World Cup – Delay Prophecises


As the world cup has started, there have been and will be a lot of prophecies, especially around the Ghanaian team, and the latest prophecy is by our very own Deloris Frimoing Manso, better known as Delay, who took to Twitter to make Ghanaians believe that Ded Yew will be the first African to lift the world cup trophy.

Taking to Twitter, she wrote:

Dede Ayew will be the first African to lift the World CUP!

Meanwhile, the post gathered a lot of reactions with people saying:

@KwesiSarkwah I know I can’t advise you but I will try though. Please dont soil your hard earned reputation with something you will get nothing in return.

@AdomdeSP Not even in an alternate universe.

@Maigak12 He did with under 20 world,, let see this one also,, but the negativity among Ghanaians won’t make it happen..

@Bronii206 It’s like saying Amerado will win Grammy

@x-trailblazzer And when you dream, dream biiiiiiiiiiiiig as big as the ocean.



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