Days after Kumawood actor Osei Tutu died tragically, another Kumawood star Patrick Safo confirmed dead

Patrick Safo, a well-known Kumawood actor who is also a pastor in real life, is said to have passed away.
Ghanaian blogger Osei Kwabena shared the tragic news on social media. He did not, however, reveal much specifics about the events that led to his death.

He sadly shared thus;

“Kumawood actor and pastor, Rev. Patrick Safo is dead….May his soul rest with the Lord 😢😢😢😭🙏”

Meanwhile, the mother of Osei Tutu, the late kumawood actor, has spoken to reporters and explained the events that led to her son’s terrible death.

Tutu’s mother revealed in an interview  that before he died, her son vomited nine (9) needles and blood before joining his ancestors.

She went on to say that she sent someone to check on her son because she hadn’t heard from him in a while, but she was told that he had gone on set.

After paying a visit to her son, she learned he was sick and alone at home. Her son warned her that someone in the movie industry was out to kill him, according to the devastated mother.

“My kid told me that he was taken to a spiritualist by someone in the Kumawood film industry to terminate his life. My youngster vomited nine needles and blood during the procedure. That occurred before to his death. “Whenever he coughed, there was blood,” the woman stated.

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