Compensate your ex-wife and build her a house else I’ll make life hell for you – Lawyer Ampaw warns Lil Win [Video]

Maurice Ampaw, a Ghanaian lawyer, has issued a warning to Kumawood’s poster boy, Lil Win, regarding his breakup with ex-wife Patricia.

Lawyer Ampaw, who is likely enraged at how Lil Win has used and deserted Pat, has vowed to battle for the actress’s property to be shared with her.

Lawyer Maurice said on Peace Fm’s Entertainment Review that Pat came to him years ago and complained about Lil Win’s mistreatment of her, including domestic abuse.

According to the lawyer, he told Lil Win to marry her or pay her for wasting her life and giving birth to him at the age of 14.

Lawyer Ampaw said that Lil Win refused to listen to his advise and Pat also failed to respond, so he disregarded them until their current altercation.

If Pat comes to him again to seek justice, Lawyer Ampaw says he’ll be ready to use the law to take Lil Win down.

He wants Pat to have custody of their two children, as well as a house and money, or he will force Pat to go to court.

Watch the interview below;

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