Comedian Waris Begs Government To Decrease The Prices Of Sanitary Pads And Increase That Of Cond*m

As the saying goes, se.x is demeaning, but the monthly flow of blood as shedding of the lining of your uterus is not the wish of every woman. However, things used to protect girls against the monthly flow of blood should be less expensive as compared to those used to satisfy people’s se.xual desires.

The price of sanitary pads in Ghana moved from 7 cedis straight to 19 cedis, making it difficult for some girls to afford them. However,  Ghanaian comedian Comedian Waris, in a video shared on his official Twitter page, pleaded with the government and other female non-government organizations to come to the aid of females by subsidizing the price of sanitary pads.

Captioning the video, he wrote:

I know the country is hard but with all the stress “ how are they increasing the prices of sanitary pads “ I have seen women cry because they can’t buy food … now sanitary pads hmmm



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