‘Beyonce Knew Me Before Shatta Wale’

Ghanaian ace musician Sarkodie has stated in a new video interview that Beyonce knew him even way before she got acquainted with dancehall artist Shatta Wale.

Sarkodie made the revelation while speaking in this new entertainment interview sighted by

According to the Ghanaian musician, he once cross path with Beyonce at a BET event and the music goddess gave him a notion.

“There was a funny story that happened, till date, I haven’t had the courage to share it but Ice Prince came to Ghana and shared it. When I come to Ghana and share this story, there is no way they gonna believe me.

“I was sitting at the BET on the aisle and we have Beyoncé and her crew coming and she saw me and stood right in front of where I was sitting and she bowed her head. Obviously, I was thinking it wasn’t me and so I was looking behind. Then Ice Prince said that was you and she just shook her head and just walked off. So, when I saw her do this new project with a lot of African artists, I was like these guys kinda know what is actually happening,” he said.

He further how amazed he was at the encounter.

“I don’t want to conclude that Beyoncé knew me but it is not far from that. The more I get into the industry, they know everything that’s happening. They don’t necessarily speak on it and they don’t let you know they see what’s happening.”

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