“As a Christian, should I accept $7K betting gig?” – Celestine Donkor asks fans

Celestine asked Ghanaians to give her advice so she may choose whether to accept a $7000 wagering job.
She must make a decision as a devout Christian who is aware of the Bible’s position on wagering and gambling.

In a social media post, Celestine Donkor sought advice on whether or not to refuse the money.

“The communication is from “A FOREIGN BETTING COMPANY,” they like my numbers, and they want to buy some nice advertising space on my pages. Is it appropriate for me to accept? She probed.

Writing: “How would the Christian community react if a gospel artist is picked as an ambassador for a betting company or an alcoholic beverage?” Celestine Donkor expressed her concern about how the Christian community would respond if she were to accept the offer.

We don’t lack the numbers, that’s not the reason. This money would much assist in advancing my ministry in the current difficult economic climate, she said.

Celestine Donkor has been encouraged by her fans to go for the deal as it does not contradict the will of God…at the end of the day, she needs to survive.

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