Artiste Of The Year Shouldn’t Be The Ultimate Award At The VGMAs

While discussing Lucky Mensah’s view that “Highlife Song of the Year” should be the ultimate award at the VGMAs in the studios of HitzFm with a Ghanaian pundit and artist manager, Bulldog made a nice contribution.

According to Bulldog, he sees all music award categories as the topmost categories; however, the Ghana music award scheme should not make the “artiste of the year” the ultimate award in the industry, but rather the “song of the year,” as it has always been.

He further explained that even though artists are the ones who produce the music, the award scheme should look beyond just awarding the artists since it’s Ghana Music Awards and not Ghana artiste awards.

He said:

I don’t think ‘Artist of the Year’ should be made the ultimate award at the VGMAs. It is “Ghana Music Awards” not “Ghana Artists Awards”, even though the music is produced by artists. Although the onus doesn’t lie on award schemes to make a genre bigger, people look up to the scheme to help push the genre.



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