Akufo Addo Is Going Through A Lot, Let’s Uplift Him

Prince David Osei and Akufo Addo

Actor Prince David Osei has urged Ghanaians to support the president amidst the continuous hostility between the people of Ghana and the NPP administration, which is in power.

President Nana Akufo-Addo has been under intense criticism from the public over the past several months as a result of the severe suffering Ghanaians are now experiencing under his leadership.

Even Prince David Osei, a devout supporter of the NPP, had at one time criticized the president for his inability to regulate the economy.

Prince is urging Ghanaians to encourage one another and give the president encouraging words in an unexpected turn of events in order to cheer him up.

Taking to Instagram, the actor wrote:

“Fellow Ghanaians let us do something different today! The president has been through a lot of bashing and criticism from all of us lately, he is human, let’s all uplift his soul, by posting a fine picture of him on social media today, so the universe can align and favor his course.. Thanks guys it’s all love here baby!! Have a blessed day you all,”



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