AK songstress names popular Ghanaian footballer She Is Dating – Video

AK Songstress, a Ghanaian musician, has spoken up about her scandalous relationship with a well-known Ghanaian footballer.

AK Songstress became popular after she revealed that she was dating a Ghanaian footballer.

Users on social media seized on her, accusing her of chasing clout, but she has clarified that she never lied about dating a prominent Ghanaian footballer.

In an interview with Deloris Frimpong Manso on the Delay Show, the dancehall musician discussed her romance.

She debunked accusations that she was having an affair with her manager and revealed who she is currently dating.

Delay dug more to learn the footballer’s name, but Jonathan refused to say anything about him.

When queried about the footballer, she admitted that she did have a relationship with him, but that they decided to keep their relationship private, which she intends to do.

Watch the video below.


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