Abena Magis Sextape in car with her ‘borga’ boyfriend on Legon campus

Abena Magis Sextape in car: A female University of Ghana student has narrated how her boyfriend who had been living in the UK had sex with her in his car on his return to Ghana and met her for the first time on the Legon campus.

The student who is overjoyed that her boyfriend has not ditched her narrated to relationship enthusiast and blogger, Abena Magis.

According to the excited lady, her boyfriend had been living in the UK and they had been dating for about a year prior to his return last year in February so that they could meet personally for the first time.

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Upon the young man’s arrival on Legon Campus in the evening with food meant for her,  she gave reasons why she couldn’t entertain him in her room suggesting rather they move to a different place and eat the food he had brought to her.

The lady drove with him to a quite location close to the Dance Department where after eating the food, they had sex in the car even as people trickled pass.

The young lady suggests that she got frightened that after the sex, she would be abandoned but last June, the guy who had returned to the UK invited her over. She is currently in the UK

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