Abena Korkor Shows Off Expensive Ring And Real Boyfriend In New Video

Abena Korkor has recovered from her recent heartbreak and found love with a new man.

The mental health advocate, who was spotted on social media expressing her disdain for men and recounting the suffering she endured, appeared to be in good spirits.

Korkor was all over her new beau, flaunting him to her social media followers and even going over and beyond.

Abena Korkor was seen in a vehicle with her new partner, holding hands and publicly demonstrating admiration for him, according to a video posted online.

She genuinely looked happy in the video and went ahead to show off a diamond ring on her finger.

Video below;

However, social media users are questioning if Abena Korkor was displaying actual love or if she was catching another innocent but wealthy gentleman to add to her infamous list.

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