A married doctor who has been secretly admitting his SIDE CHICK as a patient while on night duty busted by his wife (VIDEO)

A married medical doctor who is mostly on night duty has been admitting his side chick to the hospital where he works so that they can spend the night together having sex.

Each night he is on duty, he allows his side chick into the hospital as a ‘patient’, which means she would be assigned a bed space.

This was his strategy to get to spend the night with the pretty lady, away from the prying eyes of his wife.

Luck, however, ran out of them one night after a nosy staff at the hospital informed his wife about his secret plan with the side chick.

She stormed the hospital in a rage and busted the side chick stark naked.

A fight between the enraged woman and her husband’s side chick erupted, disrupting normal business at the hospital.

Watch the video of the dramatic incident.

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