‘A bucket of the paint I used cost GH¢1,700, If you don’t like it that’s your opinion’ – Agya Koo on mansion

After Agya Koo launched his new home, a section of netizens criticized his choice of paint and even the architectural plan of the edifice.

The exterior of Agya Koo’s mansion is captured in turquoise blue and off-white colours but many have insisted that he could’ve used a better one.

However, reacting to this, Agya Koo said each bucket of paint used for the building costs GH¢1,700 while citing that it isn’t inferior.

The actor said he carefully selected the best paints and the ‘blue and white’ colour he chose is his favourite.

“Try and go to Asokwa, you’ll find the shop where I bought my paint. One bucket costs GH¢1,700. As for the colour, if you don’t like it, I like it. There are times I even wash it when it gets dirty. It’s called Nagara Blue,” he stated in an interview with AngelFM.

He also refuted claims that he intentionally selected colours that represented his party (NPP), for his building.

“It is not NPP colours. The fact that it is blue and white doesn’t mean it’s NPP colour. I might just add a red colour to it or mount an elephant in front of my house to end all these rumours,” he established.

Asked how he handles rumours on social media, Agya Koo said,

“Now it is difficult for me to clarify or give answers to issues because of how bloggers twist stories these days. At the end of the day, all they care about is the money they make off it from YouTube so why should I even get a headache over it.”

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